These days perfect credit seems more like a dream than a reality. At Rentchange we can help you on the road to building the credit that you need. Experiencing financial services in a hands-on clear and manageable educational environment is the best way to learn the concepts of long-term personal financial responsibility.


Get Started – 3 Easy Steps

1. Complete Loan Application Agreement
2. Complete Loan Document.
3. Make On Time Loan Payments and Begin the Process of Building Credit

What Your Loan Includes:

• 0% interest rate on principal repayment
• $15 set up fee
• 9.1% APR
• Educational, Transparent, and Easy to Understand
• $25 affordable monthly payments


1.95% third party debit card fee per transaction. No fee for successful ACH transaction.

Other allowable fees: A delinquency charge of 5% of the amount of any installment not paid in full within seven days after its due date. Dishonored instrument fee or Dishonored ACH transaction fee of $25 dollars plus any actual charges assessed by the financial institution of the holder or payee.

Rentchange Program is available at Approved Properties.