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I hereby authorize the release of any credit and or any background information concerning myself, to Rentchange or any of it's affiliated companies including AZSSP LLC and SWSSP Financial Services LLC, to evaluate my request for credit. I certify that all statements are true and complete and are submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit. Verification may be obtained from any source named in the application and from any credit reporting agency. Tenant/Borrower acknowledges and understands that SWSSP Financial Services LLC and credentialed data "Servicer" AZSSP LLC, are located at 1616 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ. Tenant/Borrower understands that it may apply at that location but hereby requests that its application be accepted via this online format. Borrower further agrees and consents to use electronic communications and electronic records and electronic signatures rather than paper documents for forms provided on this web site or through Rentchange affiliated companies or through associated property owners and/or property managers.

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